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Second Hand Products

High Demand of Products
Climate change is a reality in today’s times and with a rise of global warming and extreme climate conditions, we are experiencing increasing natural disasters everywhere around the globe. A recent market research conducted online states that there is an increase in product demands in the world in last 3-4 years due to the rise in online market. If the two factors are summed up, is pretty obvious that due to the increase in demand of products, industrials exploit the natural resources to meet the supply without giving a second thought about the environmental crises and at the end damages the world health.
The production process is not the only way industries damages the eco system but also the waste these industries produce is enormous. The produced waste consists of corrosive chemicals and non-recyclable raw materials that are dumped into oceans and buried underground deteriorating the conditions even further. Although, keeping a check on these industries is one thing that can be done, however, there is still a need to work on the product demands by the end users that is the only reason where this issue starts.

What can we do to help the environment as an end user?
The most basic of human instinct is that the demand are never ending. It is next to impossible to reduce human’s demands on a global bases as the world economy depends on it. Moreover, this is worsened by the ideology of people always going for new products in the market as a purchase of a prestigious new product like a car or even a mobile phone is a status symbol for many, which is a part of social evils of our society.

There is a huge need to change our mind sets when it comes to buying products for our needs, the first step is to understand:

The first step is to understand our own reason to buy any product, do you really need it or do you just want it because your friend or your neighbour purchased it?.
Always understand our own motive to buy any product before you actually purchase it, this is will reduce your buys by 50% atleast. We can also call this as an Impulsive demand.

But what if you really require that product to fulfil your need?
It is understandable that just having an Impulsive demand would not be the only reason why you want to buy a product. Maybe it would help you improve your living condition and would be an effective asset to your lifestyle.
The best alternative to help aid the environment would be to purchase a Second Hand Product. Consider buying second hand products from the users who already bought a product based on their impulsive demand, without considering the use for it.
Best thing about a second hand product is that you can buy any products with fine quality at half its price and help save the environment at the same time.

Based on this idea alone, we at have created an online market place where you can sell or buy old products at a good price to users that have a demand for those products.

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