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What is Railmela?

Railmela is an online market place where we ensure you find what you are looking for, from the right user. We ensure that the quality of the product you see in the picture matches the actual quality of product.

How is Railmela different from other online market place? is India’s own online market place which understands the hassles of selling an older product in the market. We wish to remove the middle man in a selling transaction and provide user a safe and secure method to sell their online products. Although anyone can join Railmela, however, most users on comprise of the Railway employee community, which improves the trust when doing a transaction on the website.

How do I start buying or selling product through Railmela?

We pride ourselves to provide the best user safe platform, so the first step to start selling on the website is to register yourself as a user by providing accurate details on the platform. Do not worry as we would not share any personal details to any other user without your consent.

Once you have an account on Railmela, simple upload a clear Image of the product you want to sell with adequate description of the product and that’s it. You will soon be contacted by the person who is willing to buy your product.

What is the best practise to ensure that your goods sell on Railmela?

The best practise is to ensure you provide as much information about the product as possible with the right price, so that it attracts attention of the interested user. It is also important to upload 3-4 clear images of the products from all the angles, so that a user can understand the quality of the product better. When choosing the price of a second hand product, make sure that you price the item at an appropriate price to match the actual market value of the product and avoid quoting unrealistic price models.

Finally, once you meet a user through Railmela, ensure that you meet the person in a public place for the transaction to take place and ask purchasers should always ask the seller’s reason for the sale of their second hand product.

What is I am not satisfied with the transaction made on Railmela and want a refund?

Railmela being an online market place which focuses on user safety and we encourage our users to ask for as much information as possible about a product before buying. Our sole purpose is to connect a buyer and a seller of a product; however, we cannot ensure the quality of a product.

If a user is unsatisfied with a purchase made through Railmela, we are not liable to pay for any refund as the transactions always happen offline between the users. However, in case of a suspected fraud, we would provide all information of any user to the complainant to encourage discipline of the users on the Website.

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