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The railway men have a very strong bonding. Railway fraternity is very close knit. A railway man believes the other much more than any stranger even if they have not met or seen each other. If someone wants to buy anything and it is available with the other, both need to contact each other. It becomes very easy to deal with your counterpart in railways and have dealing with him instead of a total stranger on any other similar site. We have the means to know him also through our pan India contacts.


Welcome to RAIL MELA. The team of welcomes you to this site. We are a company in the online buying and selling of goods primarily among the railway fraternity. We help railway people meet at a mela called RAIL MELA where you buy, sell and exchange your old, used, new goods with your railway fellow brethren. A railway man knows and believes the other railway man very well. Fed up with many online sites selling unknown products, it is safe and convenient to buy and sell your goods with your acquaintances railway man at RAILMELA without any extra cost or commission.


Over the years we tend to store lot of house articles with us. Be it the sofa set, bed, furniture, crockery, utensils, clothes, storage articles, mobikes, cycles even old cars etc. We can neither keep them nor throw them. We do not know how to dispose them off. Well, someone may be in need of those goods of which we seldom have value. If the two of these meet at a platform, it will be worthwhile for one to dispose it off at a value and for the other to get his requirement at a much lower price. Our mission is to make the two meet at a common platform. Our mission is not only to facilitate the exchange of goods but also to promote friendship and fraternity and bonding among railway men. We do not charge any commission from anybody. We just make the platform available to the two. Rest is between the two. Our cost recovery is only by way of a nominal sum we charge for the registration from the seller for display of his goods.  We assure you that you will buy or sell goods at a very attractive price only at RAILMELA.COM.


Since the transaction of goods here takes place between two individuals directly through the site, the team at Railmela advises all her clients to be careful and vigilant while dealing. The team at Railmela does not take any responsibility for the quality/quantity of goods sold/purchased. It will be the sole responsibility of the contracting parties.